Subconscious is defined as existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond conscious awareness. The Denver based hip-hop recording artist Subconscious (MC Subcon) has been described as, "The Criteria for Realness in the Hip-Hop Underground." -Nathanial Long, Hip Hop Linguistics.

It was the mid-90's, the golden era of hip hop, when MC Subcon began writing. Though it wasn't until the late 90's when he started recording. MC Subcon writes all of his songs and produces most of them. Sub released his second full length LP in June of 2009 entitled "Antitoxin". The release is available internationally, in stores and online, along side his first release entitled "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover..."

MC Subcon has shared the stage with acts such as: Nappy Roots, Eyedea & Abilities, People Under The Stairs, Kev Brown, LMNO, Kam Moye aka Supastition, Bernie Worrell (Talking Heads), Brain (Primus & GNR), Blackbyrd McKnight (Miles Davis), TM Stevens (James Brown), The Procussions, P.O.S., Grayskul, 40oz To Freedom, Xololanxinxo (Mexican Descent), Kwel, Dirty Digital, Sherlock Poems (L.A. Symphony) and many others.

"The tracks focus on staying positive, while overcoming obstacles, not believing in the mainstream media game and trusting instead in your own self and the power of self expression." -Laura McGaughey, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine.

"I'm too blessed to be stressed, I know you know what I mean
Everywhere that I be goin' I'm seein' the same thing
Not sweatin' the small things, let's see what tomorrow brings
But anyway you lookin' at it, I'm livin' the dream."
-MC Subcon, Too Blessed To Be Stressed